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How to order?

1. Click on the product that you would like to purchase. The details and description of your selected item will be showing in the next step.

Please select the size you require from the available stock, then put the product in the "shopping cart" by clicking on the shopping bag. Products without variations can be selected by clicking on the love-heart icon to add the item to your cart.


2. After the product is added to your cart system will automatically display the content of the cart in the middle of your screen as well as at the top of the page. There are 2 options to choose from: "View Cart" or "Back to shop"

After clicking on "View Cart" you will be transferred to the cart.

Here you can change the product quantity or remove the product if you wish.

After clicking “Back to shop” the system will take you back to our site where you can add more products to your cart.


3. Complete the required information

If you have previously registered with us you became our regular customer and for completing the order just login with your username and password. For new customers or if you are not registered please complete the required details, after you agree with our return policy please complete the order by clicking "Submit the order".

It is not required to register but with your registered Username and Password you will save time for further ordering, also you will have access to your orders and you can track their status.


4.  You will be notified to your email after successfully completing the order.

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